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From Manikandan R <>
Subject Fwd: numrows is incorrect after renaming external table
Date Tue, 12 Apr 2016 16:27:46 GMT

I created a external non-partitioned table using Impala shell and inserted
few rows into it using hive. While inserting, I can see basic stats like
numRows, numFiles, size etc getting generated something like

Table tempdb_mani.mk_prod_inc1 stats: [numFiles=1, numRows=5,
totalSize=614, rawDataSize=20]

I can see the same stats in Impala-shell using show table stats command
(after invalidate metadata command). Then, I renamed the table into
mk_prod_inc2 using Impala shell and tried to look at the table stats using
above command. Now, numRows is -1, whereas numFiles and size remains same

Interestingly, this is not happening if the table type is INTERNAL. It is
showing correct numRows even after RENAME. Also, It is not happening for
Partitioned tables even if the type is EXTERNAL.

Did anyone observed this behaviour?


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