I'm bit confused to know which character should be taken as delimiter for hive table generically. Can any one suggest me best Unicode character which doesn't come has part of data.

Here are the couple of options, Im thinking off for Field Delimiter. Please let me know which is best one use and chance of that character ( i.e delimiter ) in data is less in day to day scenario..

\U0001  = START OF HEADING ==> SOH  ==> ( CTRL+SHIFT+A in windows)  ==> Hive Default delimiter

\U001F  = INFORMATION SEPARATOR ONE = unit separator (US)  => ( CTRL+SHIFT+ - in windows)

\U001E  = INFORMATION SEPARATOR TWO = record separator (RS) ==> ( CTRL+SHIFT+6 in windows)

Some how by name i feel \U001F is best option, can any one comment or provide best Unicode which doesn't in regular data.