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From Awhan Patnaik <>
Subject query execution time in hive
Date Thu, 07 Jan 2016 10:40:35 GMT
Hello all
With respect to command line hive shell, is the query execution time
reported  by hive the total time elapsed since the issue of the query or
the actual time spent in the query itself?

I ask this because of the following observation. In general when I issue a
query, very soon I start to see map and reduce progress. This way I know my
query is running. Often times I see that no progress is shown. I am
assuming that the query is in ACCEPTED state as this point. But if the time
reported by hive includes this waiting time then I do not get an accurate
estimate of the query execution time. This is not helpful for query
performance profiling.

So the question is this. How to I get the query execution time for the
actual mapreduce processes without baby sitting the query?


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