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From zml张明磊 <>
Subject 答复: What hive-site.xml including in $SPARK_HOME looks like ?
Date Fri, 11 Dec 2015 06:08:35 GMT
Yeah, thanks for quick reply. My hive-site.xml is here and getting below error when I submit
spark job .


Getting the following error

Trying to connect to metastore with URI thrift://localhost:9083
Failed to connect to the Metastore Server…

Next the same error as before. What is wrong?

发件人: Divya Gehlot []
发送时间: 2015年12月11日 13:55
主题: Re: What hive-site.xml including in $SPARK_HOME looks like ?

Hive-site.xml in spark /conf looks like below

      <value>thrift://your cluster ip :9083</value>


On 11 December 2015 at 13:09, zml张明磊 <<>>


         I am a beginner at hive, something happened (can not find table ) when I start spark
job and read data from hive. I don't set hive-site.xml in $SPARK_HOME/conf. What is the default
hive-site.xml looks like ?



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