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From mahender bigdata <>
Subject Null Representation in Hive tables
Date Wed, 23 Dec 2015 17:00:57 GMT

Is there any possibility of mentioning 
both*"serialization.null.format"=""  and 
**"serialization.null.format"="\000" *has table properties, currently we 
are creating external table, where there is chance of having data with 
empty string or \000, As a  work around, we have created 2 external 
tables, one with "serialization.null.format"="" has table property and 
another with "serialization.null.format"="\000" where we insert data 
from external table 1 to table 2. Is there way to reduce to single step 
having mentioning both *"serialization.null.format"="" and 
**"serialization.null.format"="\000"*in the same table property.


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