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From Daniel Lopes <>
Subject Spark 1.5.2 + Hive 1.0.0 in Amazon EMR 4.2.0
Date Mon, 30 Nov 2015 22:15:14 GMT

I get this error when trying to write Spark DataFrame to Hive Table Stored
as TextFile

sqlContext.sql('INSERT OVERWRITE TABLE analytics.client_view_stock *(hive
table)* SELECT * FROM client_view_stock'*(spark temp table)*')


15/11/30 21:40:14 INFO latency: StatusCode=[404],
Exception=[ Not Found
(Service: Amazon S3; Status Code: 404; Error Code: 404 Not Found; Request
ID: 5ADBECA2D82A7C17), S3 Extended Request ID:
ServiceName=*[Amazon S3], AWSErrorCode=[404 Not Found]*,
AWSRequestID=[5ADBECA2D82A7C17], ServiceEndpoint=[], Exception=1,
HttpClientPoolLeasedCount=0, RequestCount=1, HttpClientPoolPendingCount=0,
HttpClientPoolAvailableCount=1, ClientExecuteTime=[214.69],
HttpRequestTime=[214.245], HttpClientReceiveResponseTime=[212.513],
RequestSigningTime=[0.16], HttpClientSendRequestTime=[0.112],
15/11/30 21:40:21 INFO Hive: Replacing
dest: s3://my-bucket/output/2015/11/29/client_view_stock/part-00199,
-chgrp: '' does not match expected pattern for group
Usage: hadoop fs [generic options] -chgrp [-R] GROUP PATH...
15/11/30 21:40:21 INFO latency: StatusCode=[200], ServiceName=[Amazon S3],
AWSRequestID=[2509AE55A8D71A61], ServiceEndpoint=[https://my-bucket.], HttpClientPoolLeasedCount=0, RequestCount=1,
HttpClientPoolPendingCount=0, HttpClientPoolAvailableCount=1,
ClientExecuteTime=[137.387], HttpRequestTime=[136.721],
HttpClientReceiveResponseTime=[134.805], RequestSigningTime=[0.235],
ResponseProcessingTime=[0.169], HttpClientSendRequestTime=[0.145],
15/11/30 21:40:21 WARN RetryingMetaStoreClient: MetaStoreClient lost
connection. Attempting to reconnect.
org.apache.thrift.TApplication*Exception: Invalid method name:


*Daniel Lopes, B.Eng*
Data Scientist - BankFacil
CREA/SP 5069410560
Mob +55 (18) 99764-2733 <callto:+5518997642733>
Ph +55 (11) 3522-8009

Av. Nova Independência, 956, São Paulo, SP
Bairro Brooklin Paulista
CEP 04570-001

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