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From Gabriel Balan <>
Subject Utilities.copyTableJobPropertiesToConf
Date Fri, 06 Nov 2015 22:46:28 GMT

May I please get a bit of help understanding the bigger picture for Utilities.copyTableJobPropertiesToConf()

  * before hive 0.13 <>
it only copied the jobProperties to the (job)conf.
  * in hive 0.13 <>
it also copies "bucket_count" from 'properties';
  * after hive 13 <>
it started copying everything from both and TableDesc.jobProperties.

Why were the extra steps added? What are the use cases that require the extra properties in
the (job)conf?
What's the difference between the content of and TableDesc.jobProperties?

I tried to do some digging on my on, but the only JIRA I found somewhat relevant was HIVE-8637.

thank you very much
Gabriel Balan

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