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From "Mich Talebzadeh" <>
Subject RE: Container is running beyond physical memory limits
Date Tue, 13 Oct 2015 20:12:23 GMT
Thank you all.


Hi Gopal,


My understanding is that the parameter below specifies the max size of 4GB
for each contain. That seems to work for me







Now I am rather confused about the following parameters (for example
mapreduce.reduce versus and their correlation to each other


















Can you please verify if these settings are correct and how they relate to
each other?





Mich Talebzadeh


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From: Gopal Vijayaraghavan [] On Behalf Of Gopal
Sent: 13 October 2015 20:55
Cc: Mich Talebzadeh <>
Subject: Re: Container is running beyond physical memory limits




> is running beyond physical memory limits. Current usage: 2.0 GB of 2 

>GB physical memory used; 6.6 GB of 8 GB virtual memory used. Killing 



You need to change the yarn.nodemanager.vmem-check-enabled=false on

*every* machine on your cluster & restart all NodeManagers.


The VMEM check made a lot of sense in the 32 bit days when the CPU forced a
maximum of 4Gb of VMEM per process (even with PAE).


Similarly it was a way to punish processes which swap out to disk, since the
pmem only tracks the actual RSS.


In the large RAM 64bit world, vmem is not a significant issue yet - I think
the addressing limit is 128 TB per process.


> <property>

> <name>mapreduce.reduce.memory.mb</name>

> <value>4096</value>

> </property>


> <property>

> <name></name>

> <value>-Xmx6144m</value>

> </property>


That's the next failure point. 4Gb container with 6Gb limits. To produce an
immediate failure when checking configs, add


-XX:+AlwaysPreTouch -XX:+UseNUMA


to the java.opts.




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