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From Peyman Mohajerian <>
Subject Data Deleted on Hive External Table
Date Mon, 24 Aug 2015 23:11:54 GMT
Hi Guys,

I managed to delete some data in HDFS by dropping a partitioned external
Hive table. One explanation is that data resided in the 'warehouse'
directory of Hive and that had something to do with?
An alternative explanation may that my 'drop table' statement didn't delete
the data but my follow up 'create table' statement with a different
partition name did. Let me elaborate, files used to be in this directory

I created a new Hive external table with partition column name of 'yr'
instead of 'year' pointing to the same base directory. Is it possible that
this create statement deleted the data (highly doubt that)? Either case
were unexpected to me!

This is on Hive 1.0.


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