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From Xiaoyong Zhu <>
Subject how is the hive application name generated (for Hive on Tez)?
Date Wed, 29 Jul 2015 01:47:19 GMT
When a Hive job is submitted via Templeton/WebHCat, the server will launch a MR application
named "TempletonControllerJob" which will launch the "real" Hive jobs. We want to know the
exact mapping relationship between the "real" Hive on Tez application and the TempletonControllerJob
application (i.e. know which Tez application is corresponding to which TempletonControllerJob
application), and the best way seems to use the application name here. Not sure if someone
could share the code pieces on how the name is generated so we could map them?
<also if there are other ways to map those two types that's even better:)>


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