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From Jeff Zhang <>
Subject Is it expected behavior ?
Date Sat, 27 Jun 2015 06:12:09 GMT
I use the following command to try to check the command options of beeline.

    beeline --help

It does display the help info, but after that it continue enter beeline. I
think it should only display the help info and should not go into beeline.
Is it expected behavior ?

  --truncateTable=[true/false]    truncate table column when it exceeds
   --delimiterForDSV=DELIMITER     specify the delimiter for
delimiter-separated values output format (default: |)
   --isolation=LEVEL               set the transaction isolation level
   --nullemptystring=[true/false]  set to true to get historic behavior of
printing null as empty string
   --addlocaldriverjar=DRIVERJARNAME Add driver jar file in the beeline
client side
   --addlocaldrivername=DRIVERNAME Add drvier name needs to be supported in
the beeline client side
   --help                          display this message
Beeline version 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT by Apache Hive

Best Regards

Jeff Zhang

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