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From Eugene Koifman <>
Subject Re: hive sql on tez run forever
Date Mon, 11 May 2015 17:43:37 GMT
This isn’t a valid rewrite.
if a(x,y) has 1 row (1,2) and b(x,z) has 1 row (1,1) then the 1st query
will produce 1 row
but the 2nd query with subselects will not.

On 5/11/15, 10:13 AM, "Gopal Vijayaraghavan" <> wrote:

>> I change the sql where condition to (where t.update_time >=
>>'2015-05-04') , the sql can return result for a while. Because
>> >= '2015-05-04' can  filter many row when table scan. But why change
>>where condition to
>> (where t.update_time >= '2015-05-04' or length(t8.end_user_id)>0) ,the
>>sql run forever as follows:
>The OR clause is probably causing the problems.
>We¹re probably not pushing down the OR clauses down to the original table
>This is most likely a hive PPD miss where you do something like
>select a.*,b.* from a,b where a.x = b.x and (a.y = 1 or b.z = 1);
>where it doesn¹t get planned as
>select a1.*, b1.* from (select a.* from a where a.y=1) a1, (select b.*
>from b where b.z = 1) b1 where a1.x = b1.x;
>instead gets planned as a full-scan JOIN, then a filter.
>Can you spend some time and try to rewrite down your case to something
>like the above queries?
>If that works, then file a JIRA.

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