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From Liping Zhang <>
Subject "show databases" doesn't return all databases with Kerberos/Sentry enabled
Date Wed, 13 May 2015 15:18:12 GMT
Dear all,

I installed CDH, kerberos, sentry to enable security for hive beeline. I
did following commands:

# kinit -k -t hive.keytab hive/

# beeline -u

and in beeline CLI:
# show databases
# show tables
these 2 "show" commands did work well and return all the databases and
tables we had.

However, after I changed some configuration and restart hive,  and rerun
above commands with "hive" user, it was  strange that in beeline CLI, *"show
databases" and "show tables" didn't return all the databases and tables we
had, instead, they only returned one "default" database, and no tables

The configuration change I remembered included:

To Hive Client Configuration Safety Valve for hive-site.xml (Gateway
service in CM) properly modified the hive-site.xml for Hue Server.

The commands in beeline I remembered after restarting hive, and before
running "show databases" and "show tables" was:
# create role role1;
# show roles;
# show current roles;

after that, the "hive" user in beeline could only return "default" database
with no tables for "show databases" and "show tables" command.

And I checked /user/hive/warehouse dir, all the databases and tables files
did existed.

Did anyone met this kind of issue before? Any comments and discussion are
highly appreciated!

Big Data - Big Wisdom - Big Value
Michelle Zhang (Liping Zhang)

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