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From Sarath Chandra <>
Subject Case sensitiveness of hive partition column
Date Tue, 12 May 2015 11:33:27 GMT
Hi All,

I've created a external table in hive as -
create table table1(...) partitioned by(CONTEXT_ID string) row format
delimited fields terminated by '\\;' location '/user/sarath/table1/';

Then I created a HDFS folder as '/user/sarath/table1/CONTEXT_ID=A123' and
copied the data file to this location.

I altered the table from hive shell to add this partition as -
alter table table1 add partition(CONTEXT_ID='A123');

When I tried "select * from table1" I was not getting any data.

I searched several blogs and did several trials. Then I figured out that if
I change the case of partition column from "CONTEXT_ID" to "context_id" and
create HDFS folder with the same case then it works.

I was of opinion that hive column names are case insensitive in Hive. Is
there something I'm missing?


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