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From Xiaoyong Zhu <>
Subject Write and submit your Hive query using Visual Studio!
Date Tue, 05 May 2015 06:10:42 GMT
Dear Hive users

I am happy to announce that now you can write and submit your Hive queries using Visual Studio
(which is free now!), with syntax coloring, keyword suggestion, remote metastore suggestion,
IntelliSense (still in preview), and an intuitive UI to guide you to view jobs & logs.
Basically we are developing the HDInsight Tools for Visual Studio (HDInsight<>
is a full managed Hadoop solution developed by Microsoft) and we also want to contribute back
to the community by providing a good development experience. With this plugin, you can:

-          Write your hive query with syntax coloring, auto-completion and IntelliSense style
support (preview)

-          Submit your hive job, and view the historical job logs & outputs in an intuitive

-          Navigate your Hive metastore (DB/Table/Colums)

-          In the future we also want to add some performance tuing experience in this tool

The tool is compatible with two free Visual Studio versions: Visual Studio 2015 (now RC) Community
and Visual Studio 2013 Community.
If you haven't installed them before, just click the links below, so Visual Studio and Azure
SDK will be installed in your machine:
Visual Studio 2015 Community Release Candidate with Microsoft Azure SDK - 2.6<>
Visual Studio Community 2013 with Microsoft Azure SDK - 2.6<>
If you have ever installed the Visual Studio community version before, you need to install
Azure SDK to get the latest Tools:
Azure SDK for .NET (VS 2015) - 2.6<>
Azure SDK for .NET (VS 2013) - 2.6<>
< Please note that this feature is currently in preview so it only supports the Basic Auth
(the username/password combination) - it does not support Kerberos now.>

Writing Hive queries
After installation you can go to File > New > Project to create a Hive application (it
is under HDInsight category) and write Hive queries there.
Welcome to try out! You can get the details on how to use this tool and connect to your cluster
by visiting the blog post here<>.
If you have any suggestions or feedback to the tool, feel free to reach to me (xiaoyzhu at
microsoft dot com) or reach us at hdivstool at microsoft dot com! We also developing several
cool features for improved Hive authoring experience, so if you are interested in trying that,
please also email us!

Xiaoyong Zhu on behalf of Microsoft Big Data Developer Experience Team

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