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From "Grant Overby (groverby)" <>
Subject Re: ORC file across multiple HDFS blocks
Date Tue, 28 Apr 2015 15:34:00 GMT
Expanding on Alan’s post:

Files are intended to span many blocks and a single file may be read by many mappers. In order
for a file to be read by many mappers, it goes through a process called input splits which
splits the input around hdfs block boundaries.

If a unit of data within a file crosses a hdfs block, a portion of that unit of data must
be sent from the node which contains block/mapper of one portion to the node that contains
the block/mapper of the other portion. Take a csv file for example, in this case a unit of
data is a line, and transferring a portion of a line between boxes is no big deal.

This changes a bit for orc files as the unit of data is a stripe. An orc stripe is typically
a few hundred MB. Without some additional logic, a substantial part of data locality would
be lost; however, orc has such additional logic. The stripe size of the orc file should be
set a few MB below the hdfs block size and padding enable to produce a 1:1 relationship between
an orc stripe and an hdfs block. How many stripes or blocks that are “in" a single file
is of no consequence so long as this 1:1 relationship is maintained.

Below is an example config for 128mb hdfs blocks.

            Configuration writerConf = new Configuration();
// other config
            OrcFile.WriterOptions writerOptions = OrcFile.writerOptions(writerConf);
            writerOptions.stripeSize(122 * 1024 * 1024);
// other options
            Writer writer = OrcFile.createWriter(path, writerOptions);


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From: Alan Gates <<>>
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Date: Monday, April 27, 2015 at 2:05 PM
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Subject: Re: ORC file across multiple HDFS blocks

to cross blocks and hence n

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