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From Alex Bohr <>
Subject adding a local jar for UDF test
Date Wed, 01 Apr 2015 17:14:00 GMT
I'm developing a new UDF.
I want to be able to test the new jar as I develop without having to copy
the Jar up to HDFS every time I change code and recompile the Jar.

I'm using Hive CLI for testing, and adding this command:
add jar 'file:///home/abohr/test/hive-udf-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar';

I've also used variations on the local file system protocol:
add jar 'file://home/abohr/test/hive-udf-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar';
add jar 'file:/home/abohr/test/hive-udf-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar';
add jar '/home/abohr/test/hive-udf-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar';

but keep getting this error:
Query returned non-zero code: 1,
cause: '/home/abohr/test/hive-udf-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar' does not exist.

Is it not possible to test UDFs with a jar on the local filesystem?
I don't want to add the jar to our configured aux-jars path that
HiveServer2 reads from until I'm done testing.


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