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From Xiaoyong Zhu <>
Subject UDF cannot be found when the query is submitted via templeton
Date Fri, 17 Apr 2015 13:44:03 GMT
Hi experts

I am trying to use an UDF (I have already put that in the metastore using CREATE FUNCTION)
as following.

select count(FindPattern(s_sitename)) AS testcol from weblogs;

However, when I tried to use the UDF from WebHCat (i.e. submit the above command via WebHCat),
the job always fails saying

Added [/tmp/2cb22c27-72d3-4b41-aea0-655df1192872_resources/HiveUDF.jar] to class path
Added resources: [hdfs://PATHTOFOLDER/Portal-Queries/HiveUDF.jar]
FAILED: SemanticException [Error 10011]: Line 1:13 Invalid function FindPattern

If I execute this command through Hive CLI (through hive -f file or execute it in the interactive
shell) the statement above works. From the log I can see the jar file is added but it seems
the function cannot be found. Can someone help to share some thoughts on this issue?

Btw, the create function statement is as following (changing the hdfs URI to full path does
not work either):
CREATE FUNCTION FindPattern AS 'HiveUDF.FindPattern' USING JAR 'hdfs:///UDFFolder/HiveUDF.jar';

Thanks in advance!


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