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From Rahul Sharma <>
Subject GenericUDF configure method not called for ORC tables
Date Wed, 25 Mar 2015 05:06:56 GMT

I have a Hive table stored as ORC with the following properties:

# Detailed Table Information
Database:               default
Owner:                  root
CreateTime:             Tue Mar 24 21:33:53 PDT 2015
LastAccessTime:         UNKNOWN
Protect Mode:           None
Retention:              0
Location:               hdfs://
Table Type:             MANAGED_TABLE
Table Parameters:
        numFiles                1
        numRows                 9
        rawDataSize             8730
        totalSize               1946
        transient_lastDdlTime   1427258050

# Storage Information
SerDe Library:

Compressed:             No
Num Buckets:            -1
Bucket Columns:         []
Sort Columns:           []
Storage Desc Params:
        field.delim             ,
        serialization.format    ,
Time taken: 1.702 seconds, Fetched: 41 row(s)

I have a UDF that I want to run on the tables. It works for every other
kind of table but for ORC table like above, the configure method of the
GenericUDF is not called.

Any thoughts on this?

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