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From "Allen" <>
Subject 回复:Re: how to set column level privileges
Date Thu, 26 Mar 2015 11:09:30 GMT
Thanks for your replay.If we handle the privileges by creating views, it will lead to lots
of views in our database.I found there is a table named TBL_COL_PRIV in hive metastore database,
maybe this table is related to column privilege,but it is never used in hive. Anybody knew


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主题:Re: how to set column level privileges
日期:2015年03月26日 18点42分

Create a view with the permitted columns and handle the privileges for it
On 26 במרץ 2015, at 12:40, Allen <> wrote:

hi,	We use SQL standards based authorization for authorization in Hive 0.14.  But it  has
not support for column level privileges.	So, I want to know Is there anyway to set column
level privileges?		Thanks!

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