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From peterm_second <>
Subject Tez Hive Job failing during initialization
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2015 15:44:48 GMT
Hi Guys,
I am running a docker based hadoop cluster, with hive 0.14 and tez 0.6
I've had successfully managed to make my setup work before, I've 
increased the input data to my jobs and now I get this exception :

2015-01-15 14:56:32,872 ERROR [HistoryEventHandlingThread] yarn.YarnUncaughtExceptionHandler:
Thread Thread[HistoryEventHandlingThread,5,main] threw an Exception.
	at java.util.Hashtable$
	at org.apache.hadoop.conf.Configuration.iterator(
	at org.apache.tez.dag.history.utils.DAGUtils.convertConfigurationToATSMap(
	at org.apache.tez.dag.history.logging.impl.HistoryEventJsonConversion.convertAppLaunchedEvent(
	at org.apache.tez.dag.history.logging.impl.HistoryEventJsonConversion.convertToJson(
	at org.apache.tez.dag.history.logging.impl.SimpleHistoryLoggingService.handleEvent(
	at org.apache.tez.dag.history.logging.impl.SimpleHistoryLoggingService.access$300(
	at org.apache.tez.dag.history.logging.impl.SimpleHistoryLoggingService$

Which frustrates me to no end, what could possibly be happening that 
would cause a ConcurentModificationException.

The sql I am running is

select  pdepartment.PdDepartment , incidents.DayOfWeek , category.Category , count(incidents.incidntNum)
from  incidents
JOIN category ON ( category.key = incidents.Category_Id )
JOIN pdepartment ON ( pdepartment.key = incidents.PdDistrict_Id )
group  by  pdepartment.PdDepartment, incidents.DayOfWeek, category.Category with cube

As I said I am certain that my set up works, I've changed nothing and  I 
get only this one exception in the logs, and that's in the yarn log. The 
mr job logs are clean. The tez hadoop app isn't failing it just hangs.

Have you guys seen anything like that before? Any ideas what might the 
problem be ? I'd love any suggestion cause I am out of ideas.


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