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From Nishant Kelkar <>
Subject Re: Integration Testing with Hive
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2014 08:29:36 GMT
Hey All,

I was looking into integration testing Hive for some of my code. What I
need is something that creates an in-memory HDFS ecosystem, and an
on-the-fly HiveServer2 instance along with the Hive metastore. It is
interesting to note that HBase currently does have something that you can
use to write test cases against your code (see: However, I haven't been able to
find anything that works in a similar way for Hive.

I have written a StackOverflow question about this, to no avail:

Another related StackOverflow post that I've found highly useful:

Does someone out there have a *minimal test case setup* (along with the
associated *pom.xml*) that does something as basic as creating a Hive
table, inserting a single row of data into that table, and fetching results
from the table? I would be very grateful.


Best Regards,
Nishant Kelkar

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