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From peterm_second <>
Subject Submit Hive MR jobs to a remote Hadoop cluster
Date Tue, 11 Nov 2014 14:40:13 GMT
Hi guys,
I am struggling a bit to make Hive submit it's MR jobs to a remote 
Hadoop cluster. According to the documentation that should be possible 
but it seems that's not really the case, at least not when we are 
talking about Hadoop 2.
I am trying to connect Hive 0.13 to Hadoop 2.4.0. Please find attached 
my hive-site xml.
In short I am telling it, using the mapred.job.tracker property where my 
rm manager is. I know that mapred.job.tracker no longer exists in Hadoop 
2, but it seems that hive still uses the old property.

Can you guys share some tips or info, if any of you have had success 
connecting Hive 0.13 to Hadoop 2. Basically any version of hive to 
hadoop2. I am using vanila versions of both Hive and Hadoop.


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