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From ltcuong211 <>
Subject Support multilines in 1 record in Hive
Date Wed, 29 Oct 2014 18:49:28 GMT
Hi all,

Does Hive support multilines for a record? Eg: xml data with more than 1 
line. 2 XML data records:
<a id='1'>
<a id='2'>

I try to implement a InputFormat (GetSplits and RecordReader) and use it 
in a Hive table:
|*STORED AS INPUTFORMAT org....myinputformat*

But Hive only calls my RecordReader, not |GetSplits . I see Hive calls 
Do you know how to let Hive uses my Getsplits method? Or A way to 
support multilines in a record in Hive?

Thank you.

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