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From Charles Robertson <>
Subject New lines causing new rows
Date Sun, 17 Aug 2014 18:20:11 GMT
HI all,

I am loading some data into a Hive table, and one of the fields contains
text which I believe contains new line characters. I have a view which
reads data from this table, and the new line characters appear to be
starting new rows

Doing 'select * from [mytable] limit 10;' in the hive console returns ten
rows, on more than ten lines. Doing 'select * from [view] limit 10' in the
console return ten lines but fewer than ten rows.

I've tried using the 'translate' function in the view definition to replace
\r with a space character, but that seems to have just broken everything
(it complains of a missing EOF).

Can anyone suggest a better way to remove the line breaks and/or prevent
the view treating them as new rows?


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