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From André Hacker <>
Subject Difference between Hive and HCat table?
Date Tue, 05 Aug 2014 07:23:18 GMT

a very simple question: Is there a difference between a table in Hive and a
table in HCat?
In other words: Can I create a table in Hive that is invisible in HCat, or
vice versa?
(Assuming that Hive and HCat point to the same metastore)

>From my understanding, HCat is just a wrapper around the Hive metastore, so
there should be no major difference. This is in line with my experience: If
I create a table via the Hive CLI, it will be shown in HCat too when
running hcat -e "show tables;". And vice versa.

I ask because some online documentation makes me feel that I have to run my
DDL in HCat to make it visible there. At least I didn't find documents that
say that I can use either Hive CLI or HCat.


André Hacker

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