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From Andrew Mains <>
Subject Re: hbase-handler predicate pushdown with multiple scans
Date Wed, 20 Aug 2014 20:02:05 GMT
If anyone needs it in the future, I've submitted a patch for this 
feature here:

On 7/21/14, 5:26 PM, Andrew Mains wrote:
> Hi all,
> We have a table in hive/HBase with a composite row key, the first 
> field of which is a "bucket". Since the bucket is based on a hash, 
> every query we have on our data needs to search through each bucket, 
> and then to apply start and stop row filters within each bucket. The 
> most efficient way to do this in HBase would be to specify multiple 
> scans (one for each bucket), and apply the appropriate start and end 
> row key to each (using for instance 

> Has anybody used this sort of functionality/do people think this would 
> be useful? If there's nothing extant, and people would find this 
> helpful, I'd be more than happy to raise a JIRA and write a patch for 
> hbase-handler (I already have one in progress).
> Thanks!
> Andrew

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