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From Tim Harsch <>
Subject hive job stuck at map=100%, reduce 0%
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2014 20:18:32 GMT
I asked a question on Stack Overflow
ce-0) which hasn't seemed to get much traction, so I'd like to ask it here
as well.

I'm running hive-0.12.0 on hadoop-2.2.0. After submitting the query:

select  i_item_desc
  ,sum(ws_ext_sales_price) as itemrevenue
  ,sum(ws_ext_sales_price)*100/sum(sum(ws_ext_sales_price)) over
      (partition by i_class) as revenueratio
from item JOIN web_sales ON (web_sales.ws_item_sk = item.i_item_sk) JOIN
date_dim ON (web_sales.ws_sold_date_sk = date_dim.d_date_sk)
where item.i_category in ('Jewelry', 'Sports', 'Books')
    and date_dim.d_date between '2001-01-12' and '2001-02-11'
    and ws_sold_date between '2001-01-12' and '2001-02-11'
group by
order by
limit 100;

I get the following errors in the logs:

Hadoop job information for Stage-3: number of mappers: 1; number of
reducers: 1
2014-07-07 15:26:16,893 Stage-3 map = 0%,  reduce = 0%
2014-07-07 15:26:22,033 Stage-3 map = 100%,  reduce = 0%, Cumulative CPU
1.32 sec

And then the last line repeats every second or so ad infinitum. If I look
at container logs I see:

2014-07-07 17:12:17,477 INFO [AsyncDispatcher event handler] Diagnostics
report from attempt_1404402886929_0036_m_000000_0: Container killed by the
Container killed on request. Exit code is 143

I've searched for the Exit code 143, but most the stuff out there refers
to memory issue and I have memory set pretty large (following the advice
of Container is running beyond memory limits
mory-limits>). I have even tried adding 6GB to each of the settings in
that post, still no luck.

I've also run the job with:
hive -hiveconf hive.root.logger=DEBUG,console
which really just produces alot more info, but nothing I see makes clear
what the issue is.
I'm not sure where else to look...

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