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From Vidya Sujeet <>
Subject Errors while creating a new table using existing table schema
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2014 06:41:41 GMT

I am trying to create a new table using an existing table's schema
(existing table name in hive: jobs). However, when I do that it doesn't put
the new table (new table name in hive: jobs_ex2) in the same location as
the existing table. When I specify the location explicitly, it errors out.

Query which has the problem is pasted below:

*create table jobs_ex2as select year, capitalregion, universe from jobsrow
format delimited fields terminated by
','                                          Location

The file that is being used to create a table is in the following location:
 */user/hive/warehouse/default.db/jobs/universe=1/Jobs.csv*  where
universe=1 is the partition. The new table jobs_ex_2 needs to be created
inside default.db folder.


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