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From Timo Walther <>
Subject Hive does not show data generated with HCatOutputFormat
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2014 11:47:42 GMT
Hi everybody,

I'm currently working on a compatibility layer that enables using the 
HCatOutputFormat with Apache Incubator Flink. I followed the 
corresponding wiki page 
for my implementation. I'm now able to execute a job and the 
HCatOutputFormat finishes without any exception and stores files like 
"_SUCCESS", "part-m-00000" (with reasonable size and as RCFiles) in 
"/user/hive/warehouse/my.db/my_table/date=2014-04-07/", however, Hive 
still doesn't find any data in the table. When I execute "SELECT * FROM 
my_table;" the result is always empty.

Do I somehow have to register the files I have created before I can 
access them within Hive? Or is there anything I could do wrong?
I'm using the Hive version of CDH 5.

Thanks in advance.


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