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From Keith Wiley <>
Subject Can't drop table
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2014 20:54:58 GMT
I tried to create a table that would use a csv serde.  There were various problems with it,
primarily in that I couldn't figure out how to specify the path to the serde (whether I indicate
the serde location either locally or on HDFS) there were subsequent errors about not finding
the serde, even though the paths were correct).

So I decided to drop the table since it wasn't working...but the serde error that is causing
these problems to begin with prevents me from dropping the table due to a serde-doesn't-exist
error.  Yeah, duh, that's the problem in the first place.

This is an acknowledged problem, as indicated here:
...but I don't understand from that page how to get around the problem.  There is a lengthy
discussion, but it's unclear how to actually drop the darn table.  In fact, that page suggests
the problem is officially classified as "won't be fixed".

Note, this problem also prevents me from renaming the table via "alter".

I don't know what to do at this point.  Any ideas?

Keith Wiley

"The easy confidence with which I know another man's religion is folly teaches
me to suspect that my own is also."
                                           --  Mark Twain

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