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From Lefty Leverenz <>
Subject Re: Hive can I contribute to Hive confluence wiki documents?
Date Thu, 29 May 2014 09:31:47 GMT
Thank you for pointing this out.  The 'hive.cache.expr.evaluation'
parameter was added by
HIVE-4209<> and
it needs to be included in the wiki.  Its description is in

If true, evaluation result of deterministic expression referenced twice or
> more will be cached. For example, in filter condition like ".. where key +
> 10 > 10 or key + 10 = 0" "key + 10" will be evaluated/cached once and
> reused for following expression ("key + 10 = 0"). Currently, this is
> applied only to expressions in select or filter operator.

Do you want to provide more information than that?  To contribute to the
wiki, create a Confluence
account<>and send a
message to this list asking for wiki editing privilege and
giving your account name.  But if you just want the description to be added
to the wiki, I can take care of that.

If you have additional information, it might not belong in Configuration
once the parameter is there it can link to another page for details).  The
is one possibility, or maybe you'll find a better place for it.

If you want to revise the description in hive-default.xml.template, you
need to open a JIRA and patch the file.

-- Lefty

On Sat, May 24, 2014 at 1:01 AM, 郭士伟 <> wrote:

> I have used a configuration property 'hive.cache.expr.evaluation' in hive
> 0.12 recently and found it useful. But I cannot find any documents about it
> on the wiki page:
> Indeed, I pick it up from the source code.
> I think it maybe useful for other hive users if I can write some documents
> about the property.
> So, can anyone give me some pointers that how can I make the change happen
> ?
> Thanks, anyway.

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