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From Szehon Ho <>
Subject Re: Beeline questions
Date Tue, 15 Apr 2014 18:46:48 GMT

I tried to answer the best I could, I think beeline logging still can have
some improvements.

On Tue, Apr 15, 2014 at 7:48 AM, Uber Slacker <> wrote:

> Hi folks. I've been trying out Beeline and have a couple questions. I
> haven't seen a ton of documentation or examples of people using Beeline, so
> I wanted to bounce these off you...
> - When I use Beeline in embedded mode - connecting with jdbc:hive2:// (I'm
> running on the Big Insights distribution - Hive 0.12), I get TONS of INFO
> messages. It's like the driver is printing out all sorts of info. Which can
> be useful to a developer. But I couldn't figure out how to reduce the
> quantity of messages, even after trying all the various Beeline commands
> like silent, verbose, etc...

I dont know of any beeline options to do so, though maybe someone else can
give a better answer.

AFAIK, these are the embedded HS2's log and its picking up
file somewhere in the classpath so at the least you can turn off from
there, but dont know which one off the top of my head.  It inits log4j in a
different manner than HiveCLI or even HiveServer2 service, so doesnt print
out the location anymore.

> - When I run Beeline and connect to Hive in non-embedded mode, I get NO
> INFO messages. Really nothing. If I run a query, it sits and comes back
> when it's done. I don't see those messages the CLI always gave me that give
> info on How many Mappers and Reducers the job(s) are taking, the percentage
> completed, etc...
> Is it possible to get similar information to what the old CLI prints out,
> from within Beeline?

These should appear in the HiveServer2 console now.

> Is there any way to do HDFS commands from within Beeline, like we can do
> in the original CLI (i.e. dfs -ls ......)?

Yea, you should be able to, after you establish the connection.

> Thanks in advance for any advice.

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