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From Mohit Durgapal <>
Subject hive query to select top 10 product of each subcategory and select most recent product info
Date Fri, 11 Apr 2014 06:56:11 GMT
I have a hive table partitioned by dates. It contains ecomm data in the
format siteid,sitecatid,catid,subcatgid,pid,pname,pprice,pmrp,pdesc....

What I need to do is to run a query on table above in hive for top 10
products(count wise) in each sub category. What adds a bit more complexity
is that I need all the information of the product. Now when I do group by
with only subcatg,pid, I can only select the same fields. But I want all
the data for that product coming in the same row as subcatg & prodid like
prodname, proddesc,price, mrp,imageurl. And since some information like
price & proddesc of a product keep on changing I want to pick the latest
column values(according to a date field) for a pid if we are able to do a
group by on subcatg,pid.

I am not able to find a solution to my problem in hive. Any help would be
much appreciated.


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