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From Shen Yijie <>
Subject Unable to use bucket map join in hive 0.12
Date Mon, 24 Mar 2014 16:02:16 GMT
Hi all,

	I was trying out some hive optimization features and encountered such problem: I cannot use
bucket map join in hive 0.12. After all the setting I tried below, only one hashtable file
is generated and the join turn out to be just map join.

	I have two tables both in rcfile format and both bucktized into 10 bucket, they are created
and populated as follows(Origin data was generated from TPC-H):

	hive> create table lsm (l_orderkey int, l_partkey int, l_suppkey int, l_linenumber int,
l_quantity double, l_extendedprice double, l_discount double, l_tax double, l_returnflag string,
l_linestatus string, l_shipdate string, l_commitdate string, l_receiptdate string, l_shipstruct
string, l_shipmode string, l_comment string) clustered by (l_orderkey) into 10 buckets stored
as rcfile;
	hive> create table osm (o_orderkey int, o_custkey int) clustered by (o_orderkey) into
10 buckets stored as rcfile;
	hive> set hive.enforce.bucketing=true;
	hive> insert overwrite table lsm select * from orili;
	hive> insert overwrite table osm select o_orderkey, o_custkey from orior;

	And I can query both table’s data normally, and lsm is 790MB, osm is 11MB, then I want
to try bucket map join:

	hive> set; 
	hive> set hive.optimize.bucketmapjoin=true;
        hive> set hive.enforce.bucketmapjoin=true;
	hive> set;
	hive> set;
	hive> set;

	and my query is as follows:

	hive> select /*+ Mapjoin(osm) */ osm.o_orderkey, lsm.* from osm join lsm on osm.o_orderkey
= lsm.l_orderkey;

    This query only generate 1 hashtable of osm and fall back to a map join, I was really
confused about it. Do I have all the hint set to enable the bucket map join feature, or are
there any problems in my query ? 


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