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From Chen Wang <>
Subject Hadoop streaming with insert dynamic partition generate many small files
Date Mon, 03 Feb 2014 06:14:16 GMT
I am using java reducer reading from a table, and then write to another one:

  FROM (

                FROM (

                    SELECT column1,...

                    FROM table1

                    WHERE  ( partition > 6 and partition < 12 )

                ) A

                MAP A.column1,A....

                USING 'java -cp .my.jar  mymapper.mymapper'

                AS key, value

                CLUSTER BY key

            ) map_output

            INSERT OVERWRITE TABLE target_table PARTITION(partition)




            USING 'java -cp .:myjar.jar  myreducer.myreducer'

            AS column1,column2;"

Its all working fine, except that there are many (20-30) small files
generated under each partition. i am setting  SET
hive.exec.reducers.bytes.per.reducer=1280,000,000; hoping to get one big
enough file under for each partition.But it does not seem to have any
effect. I still get 20-30 small files under each folder, and each file size
is around 7kb.

How can I force to generate only 1 big file for one partition? Does this
have anything to do with the streaming? I recall in the past i was directly
reading from a table with UDF, and write to another table, it only
generates one big file for the target partition. Not sure why is that.

Any help appreciated.



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