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From John Meza <>
Subject External table reference subDirectories
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2014 23:03:40 GMT
A couple of simple questions on logfile organization in HDFS and referenced by an external
1.An external table location must sit on top of the HDFS directory containing the logfiles.It
can not sit 2 HDFS directory levels above the logfiles and reference. Ex. logfiles organized
by   /logfile/year/month/day  /logfile/2013/05/20/2013-05-20-1-nnnnnn.tsv  /logfile/2013/05/20/2013-05-20-2-nnnnnn.tsv
 ....The external table location can't be '/logfile/2013/05';
2. is #1 related to 		 	   		 

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