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From Sunita Arvind <>
Subject Fwd: Simple UDF to return array
Date Thu, 30 Jan 2014 15:06:57 GMT
Can someone please suggest if this is doable or not? Is generic udf the
only option? How would using generic vs simple udf make any difference
since I would be returning the same object either ways.

Thank you

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From: *Sunita Arvind* <>
Date: Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Subject: Simple UDF to return array
To: "" <>

Hello Experts,

I am trying to write a UDF to parse a logline and provide the output in the
form of an array. Basically I want to be able to use LATERAL VIEW explode
subsequently to make it into columns.

This is how a typical log entry looks:

24-JUN-2012 05:00:42 *
* (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST= * establish * * 0

Attached is my LogParser class which is basically the UDF. Excerpts below:

class LogParser extends UDF {
  int current_index=0;

  ArrayList<String> record= new ArrayList<>();
  public ArrayList<String> evaluate(Text input) {
String  logdate = null;
logdate = getDate(line);
return record;

I've tried changing the return type to ArrayList<Text>, Object etc.I just
get an error like this when I try to use the UDF:

select explode(strparse(record)) as newcols from logdump limit 1;

OK converting to local hdfs://tlbd-ns/user/TestUser1/LogParserStrArr.jar
/tmp/3c583384-0592-41a3-ad9e-b12d2207df7b_resources/LogParserStrArr.jar to
class path Added resource:
/tmp/3c583384-0592-41a3-ad9e-b12d2207df7b_resources/LogParserStrArr.jar OK
FAILED: UDFArgumentException explode() takes an array or a map as a

I tried cast to array and that fails as well.

Requesting help from the community. I am considering writing generic UDF,
but this is a simple requirement and would like to be able to use simple
UDF if I can.


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