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From rohan monga <>
Subject casting complex data types for outputs of custom scripts
Date Mon, 13 Jan 2014 23:22:30 GMT

I have a table that is of the following format

create table t1 ( f1 int, f2 array<struct<a1:int, a2:int>> );

Now I have a custom script that does some computation and generates
the value for f2
like so

from (
    from randomtable r
    map r.g1, r.g2, r.g3
    using '/bin/cat' as g1, g2, g3
    cluster by g1 ) m
    insert overwrite table t1
    reduce m.g1, m.g2, m.g3
    using 'python' as ( f1 , f2 );

however f2 is not being loaded properly into t1, it comes up broken or
null. What should I do so that f2 is loaded as an array of structs.


Rohan Monga

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