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From Mikhail Antonov <>
Subject Re: Hiveserver2 and binding to LDAP
Date Fri, 20 Dec 2013 22:46:00 GMT
Would help if you show logs/errors from the failing binding.

 - do you use schema, when Hiveserver2 itself authenticates to Namenode via
kerberos, and end users authenticate via ldap with proxied kerberos tickets?
-  How do you pass in username/password, could you post here relevant piece
of hive-site.xml?--
-  Is the connection to LDAP over SSL? Can you successfully bind from the
same host as runs HS2 from apache directory studio or other LDAP tool?


2013/12/20 Ron Echeverri <>

> I have a customer whose hiveserver2 settings work fine authenticating
> against one LDAP server where anonymous requests are allowed, but failing
> against another LDAP server where binding is mandatory.  Are there further
> configurations for hiveserver to work against a bind-only LDAP server?  Is
> Hiveserver2 agnostic about it and the problem lies on the LDAP side?  Any
> guidance would be appreciated.
> thanks
> rone

Michael Antonov

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