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From Miljan Markovic <>
Subject Schema less hive table. Is it possible?
Date Thu, 07 Nov 2013 11:40:47 GMT

I have a set of complex structured objects that I would like to put into 
hive and use it's sql to query data from those objects. Now, since they 
are complex structures, defining a schema for every single field is a 
hard job.

Instead I'm thinking of making a custom SerDe with custom 
ObjectInspector that uses something like ONGL to get the values of 
object fields and convert them to hive's data types. So when writing a 
query it would be something like:

    select <ongl_expression1>,<ongl_expression2>... from etc...

If expressions can be transfered verbatim to ObjectInspector without 
hive checking for their validity as column names, ObjectInspector itself 
would know what to do with them. This doesn't need any explicit schema 
as far as SerDe and ObjectInspector are concerned. But can hive cope 
with that? Is this possible to do?

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