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From B C <>
Subject Why hiveserver2 is much slower than hiveserver1?
Date Wed, 06 Nov 2013 02:16:28 GMT
We are building ms sql cube by linkedserver connecting to hiveserver with Cloudera's ODBC
There are two test results:
1. hiveserver1 running on 2CPUs, 8G mem, took about 8 hours
2. hiveserver2 running on 4CPUs, 16 mem, took about 13 hours and 27min (almost failed on machine
with 2CPUs, 8G mem)
Although on both cases, almost all CPUs are busy when building cube.
But I cannot understand why hiveserver2 is much slower than hiveserver1, 
because from doc, hs2 support concurrency, it should be faster than hs1, isn't it?
CDH4.3 on CentOS6.

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