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From Zhang Xiaoyu <>
Subject Hive doesn't support special characters in column name
Date Tue, 08 Oct 2013 18:26:22 GMT
The columns in my Hive table had better include some special characters
like / # -

However, I found Hive doesn't allow it, and doesn't allow using \ as escape
all below query fail

create table test ( "user\/hive" String);
create table test ( "user\\/hive" String);
create table test ( user\/hive String);
create table test ( user\\/hive String);
create table test ( user/hive String);

also, although Hive does allow _ in column name, but it doesn't special
character as begging of the column name
this query fail:
create table test ( _user_hive String);
this is OK:
create table test ( "user_hive" String);

any idea?


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