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From Rui Martins <>
Subject Custom SerDe: Initialize() passes a null configuration to my Custom SerDe
Date Mon, 14 Oct 2013 12:16:54 GMT
Hi hive users,

I am writing a custom SerDe that loads any protocol buffer generated class.
For flexibility this class can live in a jar external to the SerDe's jar
and then I just use the Hive Configuration class passed in the initiliaze
to dynamically load it and set the schema for the Hive table.

When I use my custom SerDe as a Deserializer it all works well, I get a
Configuration and I correctly load the ProtoBuffer class from the external

However, when I use the SerDe as a Serializer, the Configuration is always
set to null so I have no way of loading the external class from the Jar.

My questions are:

*  1) Is the initialize(..) method in Serializer supposed to always pass a
null Configuration?*
*  2) Is there a way of creating or retrieving the current Hadoop/Hive
Configuration when this parameter is passed as null?*

Thank you,

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