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From Roberto Congiu <>
Subject IMPORTANT: access to ox3 non-archived hive tables
Date Wed, 09 Oct 2013 00:29:34 GMT
Hey guys,

on the storage grid there are some tables (we called them 'raw') that
actually reside on the main grid and are supposed to be accessed only by
 support engineers and by people with special needs that have discussed it
with the grid team.
That is because querying them affects the production grid, which is in
virginia, while the storage grid in california, so you may also be
saturating that link.

The tables I am talking about are all the tables whose name starts with
'ox3' but does not have 'archived' in their name.  For instance,
ox3_adrequest_complete_hourly, ox3_impressions_hourly, etc.

You should be aware that *we are planning to remove those table from the
storage grid*, and instead, if you need them, you'll need to request a
special account for hive on the production grid.

Same thing applies to the market tables (the ones that start with mkt and
have no 'archived' in their name , like mkt_auction_complete_hourly, etc)
with the added caveat that the market datastreams will be discontinued with
the full launch of BEF so all the mkt_* tables will disappear altogether,
except for mkt_archived_hourly.


Good judgement comes with experience.
Experience comes with bad judgement.
Roberto Congiu - Data Engineer - OpenX
tel: +1 626 466 1141

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