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From daniel intskirveli <>
Subject [No Subject]
Date Wed, 07 Aug 2013 22:19:01 GMT

I've been trying to build hive 0.12.0 from trunk against Hadoop 0.23.3,
because I want to test some changes I made to HCatalog.

The entire project seems to build fine.
I have a test mapreduce job that uses classes from my newly
built hcatalog-core-0.12.0-SNAPSHOT.jar, and that builds fine too.

I'm running my test as follows:
HADOOP_OPTS=-verbose hadoop jar ~/hadoop_test/target/hcat-test-1.0.jar
org.myorg.HCatTest -files $HCATJAR -libjars $LIBJARS

if $HCATJAR is set to hcatalog-core-0.5.0-cdh4.3.0.jar (cloudera's hcatalog
which I was using previously), the test works correctly.

However, when I set $HCATJAR to hcatalog-core-0.12.0-SNAPSHOT.jar, the
hcatalog jar compiled as part of hive 0.12.0, all the map tasks fail with
the following error:

Error: tried to access method
from class org.apache.hcatalog.shims.HCatHadoopShims23

Has anyone seen this before?

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