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From <>
Subject column creation issue/glitch
Date Fri, 16 Aug 2013 20:08:23 GMT

I did something a bit silly today, but I wonder if it needs fixing? 

I lamely named a column "timestamp" - well because it was.. Ok I got lots of complaints when
I tried to make it timestamp type, and no problems there, but I finally settled on typing
it as a string. But, no matter, because when I wrote a query over it I discovered that the
parser was getting very huffy.

Now - I guessed instantly what was going on... this is a reserved word and the query parser
can't hack it being plonked in a select query. 

I wonder if though HIVE should either : 

- refuse to make columns with reserve word names and produce an informative error 
- produce an informative error when it finds a reserve word out of place

Any thoughts? 


Dr. Simon Thompson

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