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From fasi meg <>
Subject Hive-Mapreduce-Join
Date Thu, 29 Aug 2013 13:30:24 GMT
Hello All,
I recently started working with Hive and Mapreduce and I was trying to join my star schema
tables(1 fact table with 9 dimensions).
The problem I have is well…. Mapreduce works fine when I ran Select count(*) from table;
But MR couldn't possibly finish the join task...I attached the syntax I used to join the tables(I
edit it so that you can see the steps clearly).
I also tried only to join two tables, but still it doesn't have any error from the console
… keeps showing me the following message until I stop it.
2013-08-29 11:47:10,476 Stage-1 map = 52%,  reduce = 15%, Cumulative CPU 1213.76 sec
Again I changed my method and used:
FROM facttable t1 LEFT OUTER JOIN dim t2 ON (t1.col1 = t2.col1); but still the problem is
the same
I tried to fix Circular redirect error based on the solution provided here
But it didn’t fix the error.
My question:
1.       Any idea how to fix CircularRedirect error?
2.       Every time I ran different joins  It always uses 27 number of mappers and
7 number of reducers. How do I change that? I set
to 2 but no change.
3.       One more question how can I make sure that MR is using full capacity of the
resources I have?
I attached all the log files and important files I could possibly think of and I hope I will
receive a response from you soon.
Hadoop Version  0.23.1
Hive Version 0.10.0
I am using MR2(YARN)
Thank you in advance,
With best regards,
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