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From pradeep T <>
Subject Problem with Upgrading hive
Date Tue, 09 Jul 2013 12:55:22 GMT
Hi ,

we are currently using hive Version 0.7.

our current Hadoop Version is .20.2 (CDH 3). We have successfully upgraded
the hadoop version from .20.2 to hadoop 1.1.2.

But after upgrading hadoop, our hive 0.7 had some compatibility problem
with the latest hadoop 1.1.2.

So thought of upgrading hive. After a few research in the net I could only
find this document to Upgrade from .7 to .8.

The procedure for upgrade is to run few SQL scripts on the mysql metastore
DB. We are using mysql to store our metadata.

I have ran the script to upgrade from version .7 to .8.

Then from .8 to .9

Then from .9 to .10

After that took the upgraded sql dump and loaded to a new db created and
pointed that as the metastore location.

And restarted hive server and client. But after restarting when I give
"show tables;" command, I could see none of my old tables.

But when I create a new table it is getting created in the mentioned HDFS
path. But I was not able to see that new table in the Mysql metastore's
db's "TBLS" table too.

Just by logging to the Mysql, after selecting the required DB and If I give
mysql> select * from TBLS;. I am seeing all my old tables but not the new
one which I created after upgrade.

My questions are :

1) What should I do to make all my old tables to get reflected in hive ?

2) Where is my new table getting created and which metastore it is taking
to store the new tables ?


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