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From Mario Casola <>
Subject hive to hbase mapping
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2013 15:54:13 GMT

I have a performance issue when I query HBase from Hive.
My idea is to build the scenario below:
1. Collect data in hbase for aggregation purpose
2. Create an external table that map Hive to Hbase
3. Create a real Hive table
4. Periodically transfer data from hbase to Hive through "INSERTO INTO
<real hive table> SELECT * FROM <external table> WHERE time = 201305212909"

Currently I'm doing a test on a Hbase table that has 70,000,000 rows and
I'm trying to query this table with a single column value filter, like the
query above.
If I try this type of query directly in Hbase the response time is around
80 seconds.
If I try the query in Hive shell, after 30 minutes, all the tasks (9 in my
case) are 0,00% complete.

Which could be the problem?


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